6 Things You Need To Know About Air Conditioning And How They Affect Your Health

There are many people out there who would go insane if they didn’t have their air conditioning. Most people have grown so accustomed to having air conditioning that they can no longer deal with the heat. When air conditioning breaks down the need to hire someone for air conditioning repair is a must for people, and because of this; this particular profession, has been much demand.

Much to the delight of the repairmen.

However, air conditioning, despite being extremely beneficial for many people, does have some adverse effects. In this article, we will list six adverse impacts that air conditioning has on one’s health and why you should consider toning down how often you use your air conditioning.

6 Things You Need To Know About Air Conditioning And How They Affect Your Health

# 1 – Illness and Fatigue

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Keeping the air conditioning all night is extremely bad for your health. It is very easy to get sick. Not only that air conditioners have the effect of making people much more lackadaisical than the heat.

Well, that may be subjective. But I know for myself when its cold all I want to do is sleep. Ever wonder why bears hibernate because of the cold and maybe because they don’t want to deal with the heat.

# 2 – Dry Skin

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This is perhaps one of the most annoying effects of using air conditioners regularly. Dry skin not only destroys your skin cells but it also makes it extremely hard to sleep well when your skin is continuously rubbing against the sheets. It is not a good feeling.

# 3 – Adds To Your Chronic illnesses

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If you are sick or have some ailment – using an air conditioner will only make whatever you may have or be experiencing worse. An air conditioner can cool down a room.

This is important because the cold atmosphere is not that beneficial for your immune system. So whatever sickness you may have will only get worse due to the cold atmosphere that is fighting and beating your immune system.

# 4 – Inability To Deal With Heat

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For many, they become accustomed to using the air conditioner, and as a result, they can no longer deal with the heat. The sun is essential for certain parts of our health. Most importantly by providing us with Vitamin D.

# 5 – Breathing Problems

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It is not uncommon for people to develop some breathing problem because of the air conditioner. Some of the most prevalent health concerns that face many people who use air conditioners quite often are developing asthma.

# 6 – Sickness

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Lastly, overusing air conditioner can lead to long-term illnesses. It is important that you use it sparingly and learn how to deal with heat once in a while.

There is still ongoing research and study cases going on to determine what the extent of air conditioning on personal health. But at the moment it is well known that using the air conditioner too much will have many adverse effects on your health.

So use it sparingly.