5 Tips to Improve Your Realtor Referral Marketing System

The business of real estate is a field driven by people and personality. While there can be several opportunities available to market and generate leads, these opportunities mean nothing if there isn’t an effective realtor behind them.

In no particular order: personality matters, leads matter, and beyond that, referrals matter.

When working in this world there is a reliance placed around being likeable, creating business opportunities, and most importantly, developing a strong network through a good REALTOR Marketing program. A strong network is a priceless tool in the area of realtor-related activities. Consider the following as ways to enhance your own personal network, which in turn will improve your referral marketing system and create potential opportunities.

1. Newsletters via E-mails
Both past and present clients will generally appreciate being informed about new possibilities of business that you have available. Remember to keep in touch and keep things personal. This can be done through emails and newsletters. There are several programs that enable a way of scheduling this ahead of time so you don’t forget.

If direct mail is preferred it’s also a viable option that delivers the same kind of message.

2. Cross Promotions With Other Realtors
This doesn’t mean you have to promote every realtor you come across, but if you are friendly with one or two it doesn’t hurt to help promote their services through your own chain of networks/social media.

Many times this favor will be repaid and have the possibility of bringing you new business as well. The stronger your network is, the more likely you will be to find more business opportunities.

3. Politely Request them From Leads
There is a right and wrong way of asking for referrals from those you have worked with in the past. The casual request of saying:

“if you know anyone in the market looking for x, y, or z”

Is a harmless statement that will either lead to something, or will fall flat in that very moment. There is no reason to push it any further then that.

4. Use Real Estate CRM
Using real estate CRM software will enable the opportunity to track trends and respond more efficiently with current and past leads. Sometimes something as simple as missing a follow-up call can make a lead feel under-appreciated and have them look elsewhere for opportunity.

5. Develop an Online Presence
This could mean creating a website, or it could mean being active on social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms that grant the opportunity to engage with a community. This can contribute toward developing new leads as well as generating referrals by establishing yourself as a knowledgeable individual that is both professional, and personable.

This could be a done a few ways such as: simple responses and casual greetings, answering complex questions, but most importantly, just remaining active. Referrals are a very valuable asset in the field of real estate, as well as developing a reliable and result-driven network. Take the time to properly build both and you will never run out of opportunities.

It’s the investment of time and effort for the payoff of security and having several areas to look for new business.