3 Realtor Marketing Tips That You Should Consider

In the past decade, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has seen dramatic changes in its membership base. NAR membership was at a high in 2006 with over 1,350,000 realtors, but after the housing crisis, that figure dropped down by a significant degree. The membership rate hit the floor just about four years ago, but since then, more people have steadily been returning. The resurgence of NAR members means that competition is more serious than ever, and any realtor who wants to succeed will need to arm themselves with as much marketing knowledge as possible. The following realtor marketing tips are invaluable for staying in the realtor race.

Create engaging listing copy

Just as with any other market, the engagement level of a realtor’s copy makes worlds of difference. Consumers are inundated with different options, and only the words that leap off the page and seize their emotions will be enough to convince to grab their attention and keep it. Using keywords that arouse curiosity and emotion is invaluable for breaking down the consumer’s hesitation and summoning their activation energy. Instead of just describing the property, paint a picture that gets the reader to vividly envision their daily life with it.

Make promotional videos

Videos are a stronger advertising tactic today than ever. People expect immediate information and will be more receptive to an engaging video than long rows and columns of intimidating written copy. Using a video can be effective and swift way to deliver facts that the average reader might glaze over if they were in written form. Making your video shareable is important for increasing its potential reach, so investing in a social media page for posting your videos can be one of the best possible strategies to commit to.

Use SMS marketing

In the year 2015, the average amount of time an adult spent consuming digital media as 5.6 hours; half of that figure, 2.8 hours, was made up of mobile phone usage. Taking advantage of SMS marketing can help a realtor capitalize on one of the most intuitive activities that people in the country engage in on a daily basis.


REALTOR Marketing, much like marketing in any other sphere, is a matter of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to tapping into where the consumers’ eyes and hearts are. Instead of pushing for the sale, connect with the part of the consumer that fantasizes about greener pastures and better things; if this can be accomplished while they’re staring at their phones to kill time during a long day, the potential results can be highly satisfying.