8 Ways To Ensure You Find The Best Lawn Care Company

Confused about selecting a lawn care service? Use the following tips in your search.

1. Is their reputation solid?

Don’t take Internet reviews as the final say on whether you’ll use a service, but looking at something like Yelp reviews can be of great help. It at least gives you an overall view on whether a company generally receives positive feedback or not. If negative reviews out number positive reviews by a large margin, take note.

2. What services do they offer?

Does your proposed lawn care company offer the services you need? Some of them simply come in and do a little mowing and blowing and move on to the next job. Other lawn care firms take the time to offer more advanced help, such as lawn fertilization and lawn seeding.

Although many excellent lawn service providers aren’t marketing specialists, it’s helpful if they’ve taken the time to produce some sort of brochure that lists everything they do. On the other hand, be wary of companies using slick salesman looking for a commission. They may promise that your lawn will look like it belongs on the cover of a home and garden magazine within a couple weeks. More online resources are available at Weed Man USA.

3. Are they licensed and insured?

They must have insurance and licensing in place for you to even consider them. Although many people pay “under the table”, be careful about this. What happens if an injury happens on your property? Without insurance, you may be liable. What happens if a mower shoots a rock through your neighbor’s window? This is why you want someone with insurance and licensing.

4. Who does the work?

Here are questions you must ask:

– Who does the work?
– Who supervises?
– Will you get the same crew each time they come out?
– How much training and experience do the workers have?
– Will someone on the job speak your language?
– Is a different crew available if you decide you want your current crew replaced?

5. Do they belong to trade or professional groups?

Not many lawn care professionals belong to these groups. When you find one who does, you’ve found a special breed. This means they are very committed to their business and craft.

6. How does their customer service rate?

You can get a sense of this if it’s tough to get them to give you a quick bid. Or if they don’t seem responsive to your questions. If you’re having trouble before becoming a client, what’s going to happen later?

The best way to understand their customer service is to ask for referrals. Call current customers and ask them how they enjoy the services overall.

7. Is their equipment maintained?

Just ask them how often they sharpen the blades. That one will weed out the worst lawn care folks right away. Dull blades leave your grass looking brown and tattered. A good company should change blades every one or two days. Don’t go with anyone who doesn’t properly maintain their equipment.

8. Do they use a contract?

Many companies in this industry want a contract signed. Try to get by without one, if possible. If they insist, maybe ask for a trial period. If they’re confident in their services, they should at least allow for that.

Even if you do have a contract, see if there is language that allows for change without restrictions or penalties. Can you subtract or add in services later without an issue? Or, are you going to have to pay for services you don’t want anymore simply because it’s in the contract of the package you chose?

Contracts are there to protect both parties but they shouldn’t lock you into services you don’t want later on. Try to negotiate some flexibility.

While there is a need to consider these important factors when selecting your lawn care company, they definitely help ensure that you get the best services without any long-term hassle.