How to Write a Real Estate Listing That Sells

If you are looking for a way to boost your REALTOR marketing results, you are not alone. Many real estate agents have no trouble finding listings, and this is particularly true in a hot market. However, it often is more challenging to create a buzz about a listing and get the property under contract quickly. There is more involved with real estate marketing than simply creating an online listing and throwing it online for others to see. In fact, there should be true thought and effort placed in crafting the written property description for the online listing. These tips will help you to improve your listing writing skills.

Make a List of the Features to Highlight
You have a limited amount of space available for the online listing description, and this means that you need to hit the high points first. Make a list of all of the top features of the property. Consider what the hottest selling points for the listing are, and craft your online listing description around those points first. Additional features may be tacked on at the end of the description in list form to save space if necessary.Use Exciting Descriptions
Because space is limited, you need to carefully choose your words when creating a listing description. The listing should use exciting, descriptive words, and you may need to break out your thesaurus for the best results. These should be positive, energetic words that have emotional appeal. Avoid ordinary words such as good, great or wonderful, and choose more unique words that will garner attention. However, ensure that you use descriptive words that are a part of most people’s everyday vocabulary.

Tell a Story
A final and very important step to take when creating a real estate listing that sells is to tell a story. For example, do not simply say that the living room is spacious. Instead, say that the living room has plenty of space for the whole family to stretch out and relax. You will not have space to create a huge, detailed story, but you can add details that invite the reader to imagine themselves living in the home. This is an easy way to boost results that you generate from REALTOR marketing efforts.

Many potential home buyers will initially review the images in an online property listing, and if they are interested in what they see, they will continue on to read the property description. Because of this, the property description can be considerably important when a buyer is trying to determine whether to schedule a property tour. With this in mind, consider revamping your writing efforts to generate the best results.