4 Reasons Quartz Countertops Are Trending Up Right Now

In the recent past, enthusiasm for natural stone countertops has been soaring. However, fabrications like marble have some downsides that engineered stone countertops such as quartz do not. Let’s examine some of the reasons that quartz countertops are exploding in popularity right now.

1. Quartz Colours Complement the Most Popular Colour Schemes in Today’s Kitchens

Design options for quartz counters are varied, interesting and on-trend. A more diverse colour palette is now available than what you might remember from quartz’s early days. Many of the available design options incorporate grey, white and black, which are some of the trendiest kitchen colours right now. Others feature prominent blues, which have also been trending up in the kitchen lately. You’ll find quartz pattern designs that look like marble, agate, limestone, slate or even granite.

2. Quartz Is an Almost Effortlessly Low-Maintenance Material

When you choose quartz counters, you can enjoy the dramatic look of marble or granite countertops without having to perform the same intensive levels of maintenance. If you spill something on your quartz countertops, you’ll want to clean them using ordinary soap and water or your favorite household cleaner. There’s no need to worry about sealing or polishing your quartz counters to protect them. Quartz’s lack of porosity makes it hygienic without the need for sealing or similar protections. For best results, avoid allowing hot dishes to come into contact with the countertops; also avoid using degreasing agents, bleach or harsh chemicals on the surface of the counters.

3. Installation of Quartz Can Be Less Expensive Than Installation of Marble or Granite

While quartz is appropriate for high-end kitchen designs, it is a more affordable material than you might expect. In many cases, quartz counters can be significantly more affordable than other types of stone, depending on the specifics of the countertops you choose. In Canada, the cost for quartz counters averages about $860.00 per square meter. There are a number of customisations and other factors that can influence the cost of your kitchen countertop installation, including edge profiles, thickness of the material, quality of the quartz you choose and other things.

4. Quartz Offers You Astounding Durability

Quartz is manufactured using a combination of materials that includes synthetic resin in addition to the natural stone. The combination is amazingly durable. It resists dings, chips and scratches beautifully and is ideal for kitchens that get plentiful traffic.

These are not the only reasons that quartz countertops are trending up right now, but they are four of the most important reasons for this material’s rising status. While quartz hasn’t yet overtaken granite in overall popularity, it is quickly becoming a contender for trendiest countertop material in high-end homes. If you’re looking for a stylish, timely material that’s easy to maintain, quartz is definitely one you’ll want to consider.¬†You can learn more information at Rockstella Stonery Inc..