6 Reasons Why Keyless Entry Locks Are Superior to Conventional Locks

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Once only associated with vehicles, keyless entry locks have changed the way we secure our homes and other spaces. Keyless entry locks are convenient and time-saving, and have several features and benefits that aren’t imaginable with conventional locks, a trusted locksmith Toronto can vouch for it.

But despite not being a new technology, a lot of people aren’t familiar with the advantages that come with keyless entry locks. Several people imagine these locks to be highly expensive and complicated, and hesitate to install them. In reality, automatic door openers are far superior than conventional locks.

To guide you in making an informed decision, here we take a look at six reasons why keyless door locks are far superior to their conventional cousins.


The biggest benefit of keyless door locks is the convenience they offer. You no longer have to carry a bunch of keys along or live in the fear of losing them.

These automatic door locks are easier to install and maintain. In most cases, you can seamlessly upgrade from conventional to keyless locks causing minimal damage to the door. Battery-powered locks do not require wiring, and aren’t affected by power failures. They come with battery-life indicators to make sure you never get locked out.

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No re-keying

The costs of re-keying locks can add up over time, particularly if the organization is large and have a huge employee turnover. Besides that, managing a large number of different keys require a lot of supervision, otherwise lost keys can cause severe hassles for all.

With keyless locks, the need for a locksmith is eliminated. Granting or revoking access happens simply and instantly. There are also several user-friendly features like touchscreen technology that makes it easy to manage a large number of people even without much technical knowledge.

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Better security

Conventional locks can be broken, keys stolen, and security easily breached. This leaves a home or building vulnerable to outside threats. With keyless entry locks, these problems don’t exist. They are made from high quality durable material and the way they are connected to the door makes it impossible for anyone to break them. This provides better security and more peace of mind, knowing that the lock will protect the building from break-ins.

We have all seen the show CSI – we don’t want any villains gain access! It is good to have a weapon just in case inside the home but you want avoid having an intruder in the home in the first place. No one wants to have to go Jack Bauer on anyone!

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Added features

Conventional locks have only one function – turn the key and lock the door. Keyless door locks have a number of additional features that tighten security of the building. Some of these features include restricted access after a certain number of failed attempts, quick lockout ability, delete user codes, and multiple access modes.

Access control

Anyone who has the keys to a conventional lock can access the building. In many cases, even those without a proper key can gain access. With keyless locks, not only can you easily oversee the access of every person who knows the password, but can also revoke access from certain people (without any inconvenience to others). This feature improves the security and lets you control access.

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Stylish appearance

Keyless door locks enhance the appearance of the door. They are available in stylish designs, and function not only as a lock but also a chic door accessory. What is wrong with looking good in this world? The keyless door lock is pragmatic as well.

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Keyless door locks are smart, convenient, and have several benefits. Choose a keypack lock and tighten your home’s security.