7 Budget-Friendly Roofing Options For Your Home

Roofing has substantially evolved into better and more affordable options through the years. You’re no longer restricted to certain materials based upon regional availability, custom, or social standing. There are a plethora of options to discuss with roofers Toronto home owners can trust to handle their renovation needs. Take a look at the following 7 ideas to discuss with your roofers, to meet personal preferences and fit budgetary concerns.




1. Classic Clay

Clay tiles may cost a bit more than other roofing materials, but the benefits make them a worthy investment through the years. They’re durable, pest-resistant, easy to maintain, and helps insulate against cooler temperatures, thus reducing utility bills. Commonly recognized on Spanish-style homes, and often in terra cotta tones,, the aesthetically pleasing tiles are also available in white and blue, and can be fashioned to complement other architectural designs, such as New England Colonial.


2.  Keep it “Cool” and Save on Utility Bills

The term “cool roof” refers to a cover that’s intended to reflect away heat, and decrease air conditioning, which in turn also helps prevent circuit overloads. Options depend upon your house’s slope design, but roofing contractors will either construct a new roof, or for an existing top, add a specially formulated UV-reflecting coating, or a modified bitumen or foam layer. Since cool roof regulations and incentives vary state by state, check for guidelines before ordering one.


3. Reliable, Chic Metal

Usually corrosion-resistant aluminum or steel, metal roofs may also be applied either as new coverings or over existing ones. They’re fire-resistant, long-lasting, and can be utilized to help collect rainwater. Also known for keeping homes cooler, there’s a variety of colors available, if you’re looking for something other than grey.


4. Eco-Friendly Reinforced Rubber

Fire-resistant, recyclable, and simple to clean, rubber is amongst the affordable roofing materials that also acts as a terrific insulator. Otherwise known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), it mimics the look of more expensive materials, and is ideal for flat or low-slope tops. In addition to black, you can find it in shades of white, grey, reddish brown, or even striking green or blue.

5. Energy Efficient Solar Panels

Solar panels make the most of our natural, renewable energy source, so you save money on bills, avoid blown fuses, and avoid competitive, fluctuating utility suppliers. The initial investment pays off via tax credits, increased curb appeal and resale value for your home, and if available where you live, net metering (you share the energy through a grid, and can receive credits for excessive solar production).


6. Go Rustic with Wood

Wood is a recyclable, sustainable resource, that Toronto roofers can use to transform the look of your home, and increase its insulation. It’s moisture and wind-resistant, and reinforces your house’s strength and structure. Plus, there’s the subtly beautiful effect of overlapping precisely cut shingles, or shakes, which are not as uniformly carved.


7. Environmentally Appealing Green Rooftops

Making the most of a typically blank canvas, rooftop gardens help regulate temperatures to increase insulation or cooling, as needed. The plants provide sustenance for birds, improve air quality, reduce accumulating stormwater, and decrease outside noise. There are almost endless design ideas for a green rooftop, including whether you prefer it to be extensive (low) or intensive (high) maintenance. If you live in an urban environment, ask your roofing contractors about the“heat island effect”, and how garden roofs reduce those damaging effects.


Hire Professional Roofing Contractors for Your Roof

As tempting as it may be to install or replace your roof yourself, it’s ultimately not a good idea. Cherry & Clark Roofing have the decades of experience, supportive customer service, warranties, and insurance that top quality roofers should.